Chatelaine Village

I first moved to Chatelaine Village in 1978.  It was a very new community and it was made up of mainly young families.  One of the things that attracted me was the easy park access and the very safe nature of the community.  I was pleased to sit as Vice President of the Chatelaine Villages Community Association and we were very instrumental in getting new services offered to our community.  Some of the services included Neighborhood Watch, Block Parents and community events such as Christmas parties and Halloween parties for the children of our communities.  We also developed a community run hockey rink at Roy G Hobbs Center.

New residents and long time residents of Chatelaine Village split this community.  The long-term residents such as Frank Dupont were a important to forge the groundwork, build the Hobbs Center, the community center, and ball diamonds for generations to come.  Today the community is comprised of young families and it is also becoming a very welcoming community for our residents who are retiring and wish to downsize to bungalows.

Dave Redmond has maintained the Chatelaine Village association for many years and ensured that there was enough volunteers to keep the community rinks open all year.

You can contact CVCA through their president David Redmond

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